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Hopefully, Wounded Warrior Dinners will Resume in March

The Armed Services YMCA (ASYMCA) and the Naval Medical Center (NMC) have drafted a new Agreement which will allow volunteer groups to continue providing dinners to our Wounded Warriors.

The new Agreement stipulates that:

·  All dinners served must be restaurant-prepared.

·  5 volunteers from each group serving dinners must have a current San Diego County Department of Health Food Handlers certificate. 

·  1 – 2 volunteers from each group will sign in the Wounded, Ill and Injured soldiers in the Liberty Center.

Donald Garland, a chef at Carnitas Del Mar has gotten permission from his restaurant owner to prepare the pulled pork, fortified beans and coleslaw for our Warrior dinners.  Donald will be assisted by his brother Chris Garland.  Donald and Chris are sons of Millie D’Aprile (Garland) and grandsons to Bob Howard and Don Bellows.

The ASYMCA will be providing a class for volunteers to obtain their Food Handlers certificates  -- one of the stipulations in the new Agreement.  We will notify our Serving Team volunteers of the date and time of the class.  We also have an online site that is available for those who cannot make the class.  Cost of the online certificate is $9.     

We want to especially recognize and thank all those on our Cooking and Dessert Teams that have provided “home-cooked” dinners and “home-cooked desserts for the past 3 1/2 years.  We will continue to use our kitchen to assemble the dinners for transport to the Naval Medical Center, and we will also continue to provide “store-bought” desserts for the Warriors.

Continue to pray for our Warriors and those that serve them.  These prayers are being answered. 

Wounded Warrior Dinner Coordinators

Shelby Gilbert, Ron Fisk & Wayne Sanger