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Ministry Opportunities

Clairemont Christian Fellowship has some wonderful ministry opportunities. We want you to get plugged into a ministry where your God-given gifts/talents can be used to fulfill our God-given  Mission of "reaching, teaching and serving for Christ's Kingdom."   Let us know if there is a ministry that we don't currently offer, but that you'd like to see our church get involved with.  We are always open to new ideas.  If you have questions, call our church office at 858 278-2433.  We are always happy to talk with you about what is going on here.

God bless!

Members of the Church Family Life Ministry recognize the importance of fellowship. They endeavor to foster that fellowship within the church body. Activities they sponsor are geared to people of all ages, married or single.

The ministry provides an opportunity for members of the congregation to socialize and share coffee, tea, donuts or other snacks in the Holy Grounds Café each Sunday morning, before, between, or after services. What a great way to get to know other people, especially if you are a new member or a visitor.

On the first Sunday of every month there is a potluck- usually in Fellowship Hall. Various ministries take turns running the potlucks but the Church Family Life Ministry is responsible for organizing them.

Ministry members use their gifts and creativity to provide a variety of activities. They are responsible for all the planning, organizing, advertising, decorating, cooking etc. The enthusiasm, with which they encourage fellow members of the congregation to participate, is contagious! Barbecues, picnics, kite-flying, games, 4th of July celebrations, square dances, white elephant auctions, and holiday festivities are but a few examples of activities they have planned in the past or will pursue in the future.

The Care and Nurture Ministry focuses on the needs of the congregation. They brighten the days of others by sending birthday cards, get-well cards, and "we miss you" cards.

Notes are sent, or phone calls made, to the lonely or those for whom, other members of the congregation, have expressed a concern.  Sometimes information, gained about a need, is passed on to another ministry or part of the church body if it is felt that a contact from them might prove beneficial.  Attempts are made to get in touch with those who haven’t been seen at church for a while to assess any needs related to poor health or lack of transportation.  Efforts are made to assist with those needs.

Comfort is provided in many ways to those who are ill, homebound, or newly grieving. During caring home visits ministry members offer prayer, food, or a listening ear. A cheerful smile and reassuring touch are offered to those hospitalized. It often means a lot to know how much members of the congregation care and that prayers are being offered for their speedy recovery.

Every Thursday @ 9:15AM, “those home during the day” gather together for coffee, games, movies & conversation.  Every 4th Thursday, guest speakers come and present material of interest to Seniors.  This is a good opportunity to invite friends and neighbors for a fun informational and social time.

As you can see, the Care and Nurture Ministry strives in many ways to assist the congregation and nurture them in their walk with our Lord.

Service & Missions teaches an attitude of service to the whole church community and provides helpful service opportunities that are a good match for community needs and our gifts and graces. The "community" for this purpose might mean the church body itself, the surrounding community, or the world at large. Here we seek to teach, encourage, promote and bring about hands-on ministry by each member of the body.  

The following are a few of the ongoing activities supported by the Service & Missions. New activities begin when we become aware of new needs.

Sponsoring Children through Compassion International, currently the congregation, individuals, bible studies or home fellowship groups are sponsoring children around the world.  This involves some financial support as well as corresponding with letters and pictures.

Missionary Support currently goes to African missionaries in Malawi, South Africa and Zimbabwe.  We also support Will Rosenberg with Youth With A Mission (YWAM) headquartered in Oxford, New Zealand.    We have also sponsored some of our own members on short term trips to China and Africa.

Community Christian Service Association (CCSA) centers provide the homeless and poor with emergency food, food distribution services (for those who qualify), referral counseling related to needs assessment, visiting nurse service four times a week (first aid and referral), bus tokens for those without transportation, and other needed support at Thanksgiving and Christmas.  . Our church has supported CCSA for the past thirty years. Those who wish to donate gifts of clothing or food or items, for their resale store, may leave them at our church for transport to CCSA by our ministry members.  We also participate in the annual Walk for Hunger and support their Back to School Supply program.

The Evangelism Ministry focuses on introducing people to Jesus by bringing them to this church where they may learn of Him and be drawn into a personal relationship with Him.  

 Features of our Evangelism Ministry include:
·  Inviting friends, relatives, associates and neighbors to church events. The Evangelism Ministry team encourages members and attendees to reach out to their friends, relatives, associates and friends who do not know Jesus. An example is "Friend to Friend", a simple plan designed to help Christians reach out to people they know who need Jesus.

·  Providing a welcome environment for our visitors. Greeters welcome our visitors in the Holy Grounds Cafe and as they enter the sanctuary for worship, the congregation greets visitors during the worship greeting time, and the congregation continues to reach out to visitors after worship.

·  Visiting all visitors. Two-person teams follow-up with all visitors from our neighborhoods within one week of their visit. The primary purpose of the visit is a get-to-know-you, we care, welcome visit. Questions about the church and its ministries are answered. Visitors’ interests and needs are passed on to other ministries for further contact.

·  Presenting Evangelism training on Sunday mornings or a weekday evening. This could be a 4-week Just Walk Across the Room course, a 6-week Becoming a Contagious Christian course, or a 3-week Christian Life and Witness Course.

·  Offering Evangelism opportunities for our neighborhoods. This could be in the form of an 11-week Alpha Service, a Billy Graham Mission, or a Harvest Crusade.